How to sponsor on Tik Tok using native ads effectively

Secondo Mediascope , 36,6 milioni di persone utilizzano attivamente TikTok in Russia. Di questi, il 57% sono donne, il 58% degli utenti ha un’età compresa tra i 25 ei 54 anni e il 66% ha un reddito medio e superiore. Tutto ciò ci permette di considerare questo social network una buona piattaforma pubblicitaria.

We tell you which ad formats integrate best into the TikTok feed.

TikTok audiences prefer funny videos

The formulas and laws to promote other social networks do not always work in TikTok: this site has a different user behavior and perception. The use of social networks for communication and the exchange of personal data takes a back seat: the entertainment function becomes a priority. This trend is often referred to as passive navigation.

TikTok has started growing its audience rapidly, because the site is great for passive viewing: an infinite number of videos, no need to generate content, no need to search for interesting authors and blogs, as the site will do it all by itself, based on users' interests and reactions to content.

If we talk about popular content categories, yes they find in this order:

  • entertainment : 535 billion hashtag views,
  • dance video - 181 billion,
  • jokes - 79 billion,
  • fitness / sport - 57 billion,
  • crafts / restoration - 39 billion,
  • beauty / care - 33 billion,
  • fashion - 27 billion,
  • recipes / cooking - 18 billion,
  • life hack - 13 billion,
  • pets - 10 billion

TikTok has a large number of copyrighted videos. TikTok users care about history, emotions, humor. At the same time, the sound and quality of the footage can be of average quality, which does not prevent such content from going viral on the site.

One of the main problems of brand promotion on TikTok is the pronounced advertising nature of the posts, the naive simplicity, and the low-quality approach. All of this can be found in advertisements for large and small regional brands.

Despite the opportunity to publish video content of the author of different quality, it is not enough to launch a photo gallery with animated transitions. Such videos are suddenly deleted from the tape and are immediately scrolled by the audience.

Brands must move away from the perfect advertising image and strive to create copyrighted content.

6 content formats to help you integrate ads natively into your TikTok feed

Entertainment video

The 60% of respondents to the survey Global WebIndex ha affermato di utilizzare principalmente TikTok per guardare video divertenti e divertenti – e tali contenuti sono la maggioranza sul sito.

Light and fun branded videos with a simple and clear message will help increase user engagement.

Top or review

Top is the consideration and the list of events and elements in order of priority according to a certain criterion. For example, the top 5 musicians, the best books, the top 3 hairdryers. In the review we consider, we study, we describe each event, subject.

This format is as similar as possible to that of the author, because in it you can make a subjective assessment and look at the theme of advertising from a new perspective.

La recensione o il top possono essere indirettamente correlati al prodotto promosso. Ad esempio, puoi realizzare una pettinatura superiore per la laurea, in cui verrà utilizzato un prodotto promosso per creare ogni acconciatura.

The man lists the features and benefits of cars within a specific budget, not to mention the benefits of an advertised car app

l video inizialmente sembra una risposta alla domanda di un abbonato. La ragazza offre una selezione di mobili


È necessario prestare particolare attenzione durante la creazione di un formato di revisione. L’eccessiva finzione e la forte enfasi sul marchio trasmettono immediatamente il carattere pubblicitario del video.

The girl tries on the clothes from the brand's app and evaluates the images

In service and visually, a food delivery review is similar to user-generated content.


Il prodotto in pubblicità si presenta come uno strumento con il quale è possibile ottenere il risultato desiderato. In questo caso, puoi mostrare istruzioni, formazione utilizzando il prodotto pubblicizzato.

How to create an effect on a video using the app tools

The young person integrates the advertised product into the solution of the problem and explains how to use the application


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  • Learn how to create compelling content and promote your account without a budget
  • In the paid add-on module you will learn how to build a promotion strategy on TikTok using targeted advertising and through cooperation with bloggers and brands.

Process of using the product

The user can be shown how to use the functions of the promoted product, how it will be useful to the user, how it will cover his pain and his needs.

S.i promuove la piattaforma per la vendita e l’affitto di immobili. Il video illustra i diversi parametri con cui è possibile scegliere un appartamento

The application interface and capabilities are illustrated

TikTok Trends

In advertising videos, you can safely and vividly use site trends - they will organically fit into the feed.

Authors adapt many popular trends to their life experience, so each video has an unpredictable ending and you want to watch it.

The integration of the brand in the trend will increase the duration of the user's contact with the promoted company.

Le tendenze possono essere monitorate ogni giorno nel feed dei consigli. Di norma, la tendenza appare spontaneamente ed è rilevante per 3-7 giorni.

The diversified service has harmoniously inserted its advantages into the trend

Il cinema online ha offerto una nuova interpretazione della tendenza lanciata da Will Smith. Il video si è rivelato vivace e appiccicoso

Let's summarize

Ads on TikTok are different from ads on other platforms. You must learn to use TikTok's laws for advertising purposes - entertaining or educational nature of the video, while the content should be similar to that of the author. So the advertising will be organic, useful and interesting for users, which will improve the duration and quality of the brand's contact with the public.

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