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Facebook Ad Account: Everything You Need to Know BEFORE

Manage a facebook advertising account today is no longer a child's play .. Facebook today is like a federal court! That is, there is a presumption of guilt, every day you have to prove that you are the same real person, FB is actively fighting against bots ...

In the article I described how to create a trust account from scratch and not get banned even before the ad launch. It doesn't matter if you have an old or a new account, this article will be useful for anyone planning to start advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Name and surname at the time of registration

This is the most important thing, it doesn't matter to you account or aunt, uncle, friend,
always specify that the actual data coincide with the data in the documents (driving license, passport or somewhere else - a)
If possible, check fb often asks to send a photo of the document, it will be useful to you

Mail link and telephone number

Connect your email and your phone number! This is mandatory, the older the mail - the better, the larger the registered services - the better. This reduces the chance that fb will consider you a bot)


Important: post a face, at least sometimes, but post a face

Before launching an ad I advise you to check that you have at least 15 photos, ideally, so that 10 of them show your face, with a possible ban, this will also help you


Add friends, the more, the better, but no more than 15 per day, the limit per fb per day is 20, don't get to 20, try to be as similar to a real person as possible) Add trust and active accounts as much as much as possible, even if you don't know the person - look for them in active groups, ideally from your country or with mutual friends

Before launching an ad, ideally there should be at least 100 friends, again, the more - the better

Sign in from 1 other device

This will also help you in the future, everyone has smartphones, go to the phone, download the messenger from fb, chat with friends, create activities every day

Before posting ads, create a page

The fb page is required to present your product / service. Fill it out
all fields - descriptions, website, etc. Make several posts, ideally from 10 - again, that's all to build trust in you on Facebook.

Lift confidence from the page

Invite all friends with 1 button to like the page

At the top, click select all, then send invitations, if the number is less than 50 - it will allow you to send via the messenger, this will increase the conversion to likes, on average by 30%


Be active and within 14 days, even if you have just created an account, you can be in good standing with Facebook and not fly to the ban, follow all the rules above and you will not have problems with your account, it will live for a long time

I would be grateful for any additions and feedback in the comments.

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